Experienced, Dedicated & Honest
Legal Representation
Attorney Micah G. Nassar handles your case from beginning to end, attending to you and
your family's legal needs with dedication and resolve.  He consults with you free of charge
and will assess your options in clear and understandable language.

With no obligation or fee for an initial consultation, Attorney Nassar will explain all of
your options confidentially at either of the two office locations for your easy access.   If
your case requires  litigation, you will have a confident and prepared legal representative
ready to fight for you.  With seasoned litigation skills and the art of advocacy,  the vast
experience in alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation and trial, combined with
the reputation of success and professional relationships within the local courts will serve
invaluable toward prompt and solid resolution to your problems.
The firm handles all criminal cases including but not limited to Juvenile, District and
Superior Court criminal charges as well as Federal Court indictments.   
In addition, we handle all claims for personal injuries, including automobile accidents,
slip and fall claims, animal attacks, and workers compensation for work related
There is no charge or obligation to have your case evaluated.  All personal injury
claims are different, for instance, with many having valid injuries but complicated legal
issues or liability problems.
If the case is accepted, the attorney will represent you on a contingency fee basis if it
concerns a personal injury, meaning that you only pay an attorney's fee if money is
recovered either by settlement or jury verdict.
All agreements should be in writing, and Attorney Nassar follows all professional
rules of conduct including using written fee agreements with all clients.
Micah G. Nassar, Esquire
Our mission is to
provide respected
and powerful legal
services and to
build client
relationships for life.